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Patient Dee Meisner with CSL Behring Employees)

Community Engagement

Building our support system in meaningful ways

We are committed to saving lives and improving the quality of life for patients with rare and serious diseases around the globe. And often, part of that quality of life means connecting with others so patients don't feel alone. CSL Behring actively works with patient organizations to develop unique programs and activities for patients with rare diseases. We've also applied our deep understanding of our patients and their families to create our own programs, some of which are listed below. Beyond building that sense of empowerment and community, we partner with these groups to improve and expand educational and outreach efforts about these diseases. And finally, we work tirelessly with government authorities to explain the unique needs of the rare disease community in an effort to help them see beyond the costs to the real value our therapies provide, and to ensure patients have access to the care and therapies they need to lead a full and rewarding life. We work every day like someone's life depends on it -- because it often does.


CSL Behring offers a number of programs to patients, their families, and their patient organizations to help them learn more about their condition, meet others in the same situation, and learn how to better advocate for their cause with local government.

Patient organizations


    HAE (Hereditary Angioedema Canada)
1081 Carling Ave. Suite # 408
Ottawa, ON, K1Y 4G2
phone:   613-761-8008  


APIQ (Association des Patients Immunodeficients du Quebec)
2600 Boul. Laurier, bureau 880
Québec, QC, G1V 4W2
phone: 1-855-561-4563


AOH (Angio-Oedeme Hereditaire du Quebec) 
2600 boul. Laurier Suite 880
Quebec, Quebec, G1V 4W2
phone: 1 855 561-4563 
GBS/CIDP Foundation of Canada
3100 Garden St, PO Box 80060 RPO Rossland Garden 
Whitby, Ontario L1R 1H0 
phone: 647-560-6842 
    CIPO (Canadian Immunodeficencies Patient Organization)
25 La Grave Street
Winnipeg, MB, R3V 1J1
phone:   1-877-607-2476  
    CHS (Canadian Hemophilia Society) 
301-666 Sherbrooke Street West
Montreal, QC H3A 1E7
phone:   1-800-668-2686